Why does Google change its algorithm all the time?

Since the beginning of Google’s long history, they have put into place an “algorithm,” or systematic procedure used to calculate data for website rankings.

Since their beginning, they have changed the way the algorithm works by making constant tweaks, building filters and revamping the way the web works when it comes to Google searches, usability for the end user, and ranking websites fairly.

So why does Google change this method up every so often?

Google has been on a constant quest to improve the experience of viewers looking for relevant information online. Being that they are the leader of all search engines, it has been their mission to provide relevant and useful data with each search that is performed.

The early days…..

In the early days, Google looked at metrics like page visits as a main indicator for ranking a site high.

What started happening was a series of people trying to cheat the way Google operated by clicking their site hundreds of times so that their website would pop up and outrank competitors.  Over the years, Google quickly caught onto these acts of cheating and started re-vamping their algorithm by measuring other metrics, creating other rules and practices for ethical ranking technique, and of course setting up filters in place to prevent against people trying to artificially rank their site.

Present day

Over the past 4 years or so, we’ve seen some pretty major algorithm changes including Google Panda, Penguin, Hummingbird, etc.

Panda was a huge game changer which left lots of old websites in the dust as this change took any site that stayed stagnant and wasn’t kept updated and dropped them dramatically, in most cases at least.

Present-day SEO is still changing and morphing into something more efficient and useful for the end user. It will continue to do so year after year to help contain a consistent theme of fairness and honesty when ranking sites. Most filters put into place over Google’s history were made to block the cheaters, and the future will continue with this as well.

Today’s SEO strategy is a healthy mixture of new and old on-page and off-page techniques, with a healthy side of social media.