What’s even better than a happy customer?

“Will I be glad I bought this product?” “Will this service or company get me the results I have in mind?”

I suspect you go through these mental gyrations nearly every time you’re about to part with your money. And I’m going to guess it’s been a long time since you made an important buying decision without doing some due diligence tapping into references, reviews, ratings and such.

For obvious reasons, you want to know how those that came and spent before you made out. You want to feel a little uptick on the confidence meter before reaching for your credit card.

In marketing today we file customer success stories, its clinical-sounding equivalent, “case studies,” testimonials and the references, reviews, and ratings I already mentioned as forms of social proof. They’re not the only forms of social proof, but they can be all-powerful pieces of your brand’s persuasion mosaic.

We’ll focus on customer success stories here and now. Why create them? How do you write them? How do you make them an effective weapon in your digital arsenal?