What’s even better than a happy customer?

You’re probably ahead of me now. You know the answer to my question is a happy customer willing to share his or her story is the bee’s knees.

In fact, according to Demand Gen Report’s 2017 Content Preferences Survey, buyers use case studies more than any other content to inform their purchasing decisions.

Note: We’re looking at B2B here. If yours is a B2B business you only need to know customer case studies have the potential to be the most persuasive content you can create.

Customer success stories are easy to write

Most things you write are far more open-ended than customer success stories. What goes in a white paper, ebook, report, webinar or brochure? These content formats have some common staples or standards but vary immensely.

Not so much with customer success stories. Readers will have some fairly specific expectations so success stories are generally formulaic. I’ve been writing them for 20-plus years and adhering to the same rules all the while.