What is Campaign Tracking in Google Analytics?

Campaign tracking, also known as “utm tracking codes” simply allows you to add special tracking code to your URL. It helps to identify how users are getting to your site. For example:

Instead of using this link in your email marketing campaigns:


You would use this tracking link:


See all of those extra goodies in your link? That is the campaign tracking code.

Why use the Google URL builder?

Most of your marketing, whether it’s an email, an ad, social promotion or any other marketing effort, has the same goal: conversions or awareness.

The URL builder allows you to track each marketing effort separately in Google Analytics. If you don’t track your marketing campaigns they get lumped in with all of your other traffic. So how do you know what’s working and what’s not?

This is especially important for paid marketing. If you’re spending money, you should definitely know what’s getting you the best results. Before you get started, you should have goals set up in Google Analytics. Here are detailed instructions.

Your email service provider or social platforms will show you click through rates, impressions and views but they don’t tell the entire story. In Google Analytics you can see exactly which campaign drove the most sales, subscribers and leads.