The Life Changing Magic of Deleting Old Content: 11 Experts on Content Pruning and SEO

Your blog is an attic. It’s an old storage unit, filled with dozens of articles that no one’s touched in ages. Cluttered and dusty, it’s time to clean house.

Or is it?

I had this debate with Amanda Gant, our Marketing Director. Amanda is a tidy person who knows everything about content marketing and Analytics, so I always take her advice. But this topic triggered a feisty debate.

The other day, she tells me she’s auditing all of our content cleaning out some old, useless pages. The plan was to delete the blog posts with no traffic and no links. Then redirect that URL to the most similar page.

My response was, why bother?

After our short debate, she (cleverly) to get input from some top content pros and SEOs. We quickly discovered that a lot of people have a lot of advice about pruning content. Some shared experience and examples of results.

What would Marie Kondo do if she was a content strategist?

This post will try to answer that question. We’ll explain the when, why and how to prune content for SEO. You’ll find the views of the experts shared throughout and at the end, I’ll add my contrarian view.