Social Media and SEO

Your social media efforts can help aid the SEO efforts you put forth into your online marketing strategy. Think of the time you invest in social media as a vehicle to help improve your organic SEO efforts, but not take the driver’s seat as your main marketing strategy.

What about my business that gains most customers from social media?

In certain industries, the impact you get from social media marketing will vary greatly. However, SEO and Social Media should still be separated into 2 separate categories when building your brand and traffic online.

Using Social Media to help spread your SEO efforts further and faster

Social Media serves 2 great purposes.

1. The social aspect. Since millions and millions of people are on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google +, your outreach is pretty direct as long as you have valuable work and information to share. Building a following on these channels will without a doubt increase your chances of finding new business.

2. Certain channels of social media like Google Plus can actually help you index important pages quicker, as they are directly linked into Google.

Google Plus is a great vehicle to post a link to a recent blog post you added to your blog, a guest post/article you wrote for someone else, or maybe a new page on your site.

Almost all businesses can utilize social media at some level, so it’s important to incorporate into your ongoing marketing strategy.