Real Estate in Tossa de Mar

Sometimes it happens: you come somewhere, and there the look is not quite what you expected, or worse – not at all. This kind of disappointment is not for those who come to Tossa de Mar. This amazing medieval town on the Costa Brava does not just live up to expectations – it exceeds them in every sense! Tossa de Mar is located on the shores of the Balearic Sea 90 km north of Barcelona and 30 km south of Girona. It is one of the most attractive cities on the chic Costa Brava. And its attractiveness is equally strong in all senses: both tourism and investment. Although you can also take a look at the mallorca villa if you want to buy property in Spain.

It’s a bit of history

The history of the city begins in the past epoch – BC, people settled here during the Neolithic Age. In the first millennium BC in a cozy bay lived Iberians, and then – in the first century of our era, the Romans came here. Under them, Turissa, as the settlement was then called, was a prosperous city. And then, after the Romans, there were Goths, Arabs.

And finally, in the XII century under its wing Tossa took the Duchy of Barcelona – that’s when the fortress Villa Vella was built, which today has become the hallmark of the city. The settlement was a fishing village, and in the 18th and 19th centuries it became famous as a manufacturer of cork for elite Spanish wines. Of course, such a rich history has left a noticeable trace in the architecture and culture of the city, expressed in the numerous artifacts and sights that attract curious tourists to Tossa all year round.

A closed resort is not for everyone

Tossa de Mar owes its next milestone to Hollywood actress Eva Gardner. During the shooting of the film “Pandora and the Flying Dutchman” she fell in love with this town, the result was its transformation into an elite resort for the chosen ones. From the 50s to the present day Tossa de Mar has been considered a favourite holiday destination for wealthy Europeans and more. However, now anyone can come here and be a star or politician for this is not necessary. Many, coming to rest, so in love with this city that they acquire here their corner of paradise. Demand creates supply, so it is easy to find a villa to your taste and buy a villa in Tossa de Mar or an apartment.

Why Tossa de Mar?

So what struck the actress, tempted by travel and visited many parts of the world, this small Spanish town? What made her so impressed here? Tossa de Mar reveals a picture of stunning beauty, painted by two creators – nature and man. The majestic hills and mountains surrounding the bay in which the town sits could not have impressed so much without the monumental castle. The towers and walls of Villa Vella blend in so seamlessly with the surrounding landscape as if they had always existed here. And the tiniest pink pebbles on the beach, almost like the sand that complements this riot of colors, colours and light, make the landscape even more fabulous and picturesque. Coves, bays and inlets, large and spacious, very small and secluded – nature here has decided to pamper people with its generosity on beauty.

The narrow streets of the medieval city, the abundance of ancient houses, wonderful restaurants and cafes, museums and attractions can also be attributed to the charms of Tossa de Mar. And if you get away from the first line, you can catch the mood as if you’ve moved through time. The mild, pleasant climate is also pleasing. The season lasts from May to October, and the temperature in winter does not drop below +5 degrees Celsius. In winter, the average number of rainy days is about eight.