Proxy selection criteria

Experts who are aware of the advantages of working with a proxy server, understand that this device must be reliable, productive and operational. And for beginners, it would not hurt to get useful information in terms of choosing a proxy, in case such a need arises. How to choose a proxy server? What to look for in choosing a device? First of all, the provider must be reliable, such as this one As for the rest of criteria, let’s try to figure out.

What is the proxy server

Of course, the ability to use a proxy server is not an exception in terms of free offers. Here we are talking about the fact that there are free, or as they are also called public, proxy servers. But, as everyone knows, free cheese is only in a mousetrap. So in this case. The use of such servers is considered as unsafe. With a larger load, a certain number of requests may simply hang, without responding to the user. And besides, craftsmen-hackers can accidentally re-configure the device, which automatically redirects the request to a malicious site. And this already jeopardizes the safety of the fixed device.

Paid proxy servers – reliable and secure

Paid intermediaries, of course, don’t have the above disadvantages. Among those, perhaps, can be attributed to the monthly fee. But what can you do, you have to pay for everything, especially if at stake, as an option, the opportunity to remain anonymous in the vast web. So, after the payment you have to decide directly on the choice of a proxy server, which will correspond to the functions assigned to it and meet the expectations of its user.

Options for selecting paid proxy servers

The fact that the proxy server is paid already saves many users from a number of problems. But this is not the only criterion that should be guided during the selection. The preferences parameters set for the device directly depend on the functions that will be performed with its help, and the load level should also be taken into account. For example, good English proxies can be found here.  

If you summarize all the criteria, in general, you can stay on the following:

  • optimal response time;
  • productive cache speed;
  • efficiency;
  • guaranteed level of anonymity.

Determining the choice of proxy server, you can not ignore the individual capabilities of your PC. In order to avoid overloading the operating system, it is important to consider all its requirements.

Summarizing, we can say that the use of free proxy servers is undesirable because of their unreliability in terms of security. Paid devices are ready to provide their users with quality services just as much as the operating system of the device allows.

If we talk about the criteria in more detail, the proxy server must meet the following criteria:

  1. The speed of the server. For one page, any proxy can work, but for a few you should choose one that will provide a small ping and will not slow down the work.
  2. Proxy Reliability. In this case, if you use the free option, then it’s worth to remember that it can be disabled at the most inopportune moment, for example, when the peak of the battle occurs in an online game or in the middle of parsing.
  3. Privacy. A very important criterion, since in this case several people use one IP at once. In this case, your actions may be legitimate, but the actions of another user that is connected to the same IP address will cause suspicion and the account will be guaranteed to be banned.
  4. Good proxy reputation. In this case, this is not about users, but about systems that see server statistics and whether it has been blacklisted anywhere.
  5. The cost of the proxy server. It should not be much higher or lower than the market. It will be best to focus on the average price tag.