“It just feels right to purge”

There’s more to life than Analytics. Sometimes, the benefits are more emotional. I respect that. Rondeau said deleting old content “just made life a lot better for us” and Cimala called it “somewhat therapeutic.”

Cleanliness is a virtue, right? Dan makes this point beautifully.

“Sometimes there’s just the ‘right thing to do’ Forget about SEO and metrics for a moment. It just FEELS better to clear out the clutter like a nice spring cleaning. You and your team may just feel more excited to move forward with new content if you trim out the stuff that just doesn’t feel good anymore.” – Dan Sure, Evolving SEO 

Emotion is motivation and motivation is important too.

My personal recommendation: Don’t prune. Hoard your content.

Unless you have a large website with 10,000+ pages I do not recommend pruning content. I recommend hoarding.

Because digital content is not like physical stuff. It’s just data in a database somewhere. It’s not clutter if no one sees it. So generally, the benefit of deleting is zero.