How do I use the Google URL builder?

It’s very simple and we built a URL builder to make it even easier.

Step 1: Enter the link you want to use to take visitors to your website.

Step 2: Add the three main parameters that you’ll want to track.

  • Campaign Source: This tells Google where traffic is coming from: december6-newsletter.
  • Campaign Medium: This tells Google what kind of source it’s coming from: email.
  • Campaign Name: This simply describes your campaign. We are using the blog post that we wrote on How to set up Google Analytics, so I used how-to-set-up-google-analytics as our campaign name.

As you type, you will see that the new URL is being auto-generated.

Step 3: Click on “Copy URL” and paste it into your email newsletter (ad, social, etc…) instead of your regular “untagged” link.

Bonus! You can see at the end of our URL builder, it will show you exactly where this will appear in your Google Analytics campaign report. We’ll also dive deeper into reporting below.