Compiling Content for Your Website

It’s very refreshing meeting with a new web client and he/she has tons and tons of notes dialed in as to what they want for their new website, including a workflow showing us what they want the website to do, how they want customers to perceive their online presence, etc.
This was so refreshing that I thought it might be nice to share their outline and add some tips for compiling content for your new website.


First and foremost, one of the first things you’ll want to decide when having a website built is which pages you’ll want for your site. Although the page lineup can change or you may decide to change the name of a page, page link, it’s bets to at least get an estimate of pages you’ll want.

What is technically a “page?” A page would be anywhere on your site that includes content and is clickable by a link. Whether the page links from the main menu, or a link within your content.

Content & Website Functionality

It is also really helpful to know what type of content you’ll be compiling for your site and what the objective of that content will be. This will highly vary on your business and industry.

Functionality includes anything as simple as a contact form to collect potential client information, to developing a custom database on the backend of a website to store products.

Website Samples

Being that web designers are very visual people, providing us with website samples is a great way for us to evaluate your design taste and objectives to help create an effective website based on your needs and wants. Compiling 2-3 websites and explaining about each of them what you prefer is a great start for the design process.

Content Additions & Continual Growth

Often times, clients will want to add content to the site on a continual basis. There are numerous ways to accomplish this, and definitely some key benefits in doing so, specifically for search engines. The most popular way to have clients manage their own content additions is to build in a blog for them to login and post to.

In conclusion, compiling an outline will not only help your web designer, but will be very helpful for you as you generate content for each page of your site.