CMS – Simplicity for Clients

Not all CMS (content management systems) are created equal. There are more than a dozen different types of website editors available to both professionals and normal users.

From the popular WordPress, to Joomla. Drupal and more, there is plenty to choose from. Lots of times with these CMS systems, what you get is a lot more than you actually need. This results in  the client/user becoming overwhelmed/confused when trying to update his/her own website.

Our custom-branded CMS is extremely easy to use. Our CMS allows our clients to make simple edits to pages including adding content, images, links and more. We provide them with a custom administration panel where you can add users, manage their editing roles, etc.

Our CMS also offers a great new intuitive feature to let you edit your website’s page live while looking at the site.

If you have an existing website and need a content management system that won’t break the bank or your patience, contact us for more details!