Clear Objectives for New Websites

When we are starting a new project for a client, we always have a few objectives when starting the design process. These objectives are key in the looks, feel and functionality of the site, as well as how long the design will survive with ever-changing trends.

Objective #1

Keeping it Clean – Easy put. Gone are the days of websites that are so crammed pack with information, images, videos, slideshows right next to each other. Clean design should really focus on the key elements of your brand.

Objective #2

Branding – Leading in from #1, the success of a website layout is only as strong as the brand behind it. The brand almost always starts with your logo. If your logo is professional, modern and clean, this will almost always yield successful results when we’re ready to design a website.

Objective #3

Layout – Can your customers navigate the site easily and find what they came to you looking for in under a few seconds? Our goal is to highlight these selling points or “call to actions” high up enough in the layout so that your potential customers aren’t searching around or pedaling to find what they need.

Objective #4

Longevity – Let’s face it, in the web design industry, patterns and trends definitely change 5+ years or so. However, we still really focus on creating layouts and designs that will stand the test of time and provide clients with as much longevity as possible. Simplicity is key in good and clean design. Simplicity is also #1 in helping a layout from meeting it’s expiration date too early.

Objective #5

Development – It is very key to any successful website design to include the vision of development with every aspect of design. Development is the actual functionality of your website, the physical pages, how everything moves, loads, sends, etc. Having an understanding of this to start helps pave the way towards a cohesive design.

With web design changing, it’s important to the right design company who can help implement these changes and help create the most effective website for your business.