Blogging Tips for the Business Owner

For the business owner who is serious about their SEO efforts, adding a blog to your website is without a doubt, one of the most effective things you can do to help your site stay relevant with Google, as they are always rewarding sites that contain pages that are constantly being added and updated.

Often times, it is difficult for business owners to blog. What do you blog about? When should you blog? How long should posts be? When will I find time to blog?

I’m sure these questions have ran through your head as well when contemplating adding a blog to your site.  Luckily, we have some good tips that will help you stay focused and meet your goals of blogging every week or so.

1. Make a list of topics

Often times, we will suggest to a client that creating a list of topics to blog about is very useful. Although this may take some time to compile a list of 52 different blog topics (1 topic for each week of the year), but in the long run it will make your life so much easier when it that time comes each week and you need to blog. It’s often times easier to choose from a long list of topics, rather than pick your brain for an hour deciding what to blog about.

2. Create Relevant Content

Yes, it’s true that blogging for SEO is effective, but the overall goal should be to blog for your users and provide them with some relevance as to what they are looking for. In other words, write for your viewers,  and put the SEO pieces in after the bulk of your article has been written.

3. Keep the word count at 700 words minimum

Not to say that shorter blogs can’t be useful to people, but Google gives higher importance to blog posts that contain 700+ words.  This amount of content is equal to about a 1-page document typed, so in the end it really isn’t that much work to crank out some content.

4. Don’t Stop Blogging

The SEO results you see from blogging will definitely take some time. The more blog posts you have live, the more likely chances of  someone finding one of them and linking back to your main site. Blogging consistently can be a chore for some, but remember that the websites that do the best with SEO, are the ones that incorporate a healthy dose of weekly blogging.