Are free website builder sites really worth it?

In the world of web design, there are 100 different ways to achieve a website for your business. Everything from learning web design on your own, to hiring a professional, to using an “easy website builder” tool online.  When determining which route is best for you to take as a starting out business owner, it normally comes down to one big thing.

Budget vs Functionality

Let’s explain. Just like anything else in the marketplace, whether it be a service or product, you get what you pay for. As cliché’ as this sounds, it is very true and especially in the web design industry.  Using an online free website builder will save you money, but there are still learning curves, and what many people don’t realize is the time dedication it takes to complete a functioning site.

However if budget is your main concern, then for starting out businesses, these free website builders aren’t a bad option. In fact, as web developers ourselves, I would push this route over paying someone on Craigslist or other sub-markets for a non-effective website.

When hiring a professional, you should not only be paying for a professionally designed website, but you should be paying for the expertise, and professionalism  provided by that company to ensure that the web design process goes as smooth and easy for you as possible.

So in conclusion, if budget is your main concern, a free website builder may be a great way to start. If you’re needing your website to do more, look to a professional to help create that effective site.