Advantages of electronic signature

Electronic signature (hereinafter – ES) is necessary for any modern person. For business, it is the most convenient tool for organizations to interact with each other and with government agencies. The advantages of electronic signature are huge. After all, it allows in a few minutes to deliver the documents to the addressee and recognize them as legally significant, that is, authentic. By means of the electronic signature it is possible to conclude contracts, participate in bargaining, submit reports to all supervising bodies, file claims in court.

Pluses of ES are time and money saving. For example, a simple electronic signature, which confirms the fact of electronic signature formation by a certain person, can be easily created with the help of codes and passwords. It is convenient to use it when applying for public services. Reinforced unqualified electronic signature allows to establish by whom the document is signed, as well as to detect the fact of changes made to it after its signing. It is formed in the process of cryptographic transformation of information using an ES key. At registration of primary accounting documents the enterprises can organize the electronic document circulation, using a simple and reinforced non-qualified electronic signature.

Advantages of the digital signature

The important advantage of the digital signature (now it is called the strengthened qualified electronic signature) – impossibility of forgery. It is formed in the course of cryptographic transformation of the information with use of a key of the electronic signature and allows to establish the document signatory. This signature is used when signing reports, invoices, bills of lading, etc. This is the most protected type of ES. It is issued only by accredited Certification Authorities. For its creation and checking cryptographic protection means are used. More information is available at

Pay attention! One electronic signature can sign several electronic documents connected with each other (an electronic document package). Organizations are entitled to determine for themselves which of the three types of electronic signatures they will use. For this purpose they need to conclude an agreement on electronic document circulation, in which it is necessary to specify which electronic signature will be used to sign certain documents. In this case all information in electronic form signed with a simple electronic signature or an unqualified electronic signature will be recognized as an electronic document equivalent to a document on paper medium signed with a handwritten signature. In other words, such documents will have legal force.

Advantages of using ES of the Cadastral Chamber

  1. Format of receiving ES is that the user generates his own key, thus the probability of interception of an encryption key by a third party is reduced to zero; 
  2. Service support – the specialists of the Cadastre Chamber will provide the necessary installation and offer explanations for the frequently encountered questions. Specialists will consult on the issues of secure document flow organization and ES usage alternatives;
  3. Advantageous pricing policy – the price for the final product is lower compared to all current competitors;
  4. Quick and easy registration, and also a guarantee from the state institution.

It should be noted that almost all subjects can use electronic digital signature, including individual entrepreneurs and other individuals, qualified cadastral engineers, bodies of federal local government services and state authorities, as well as financial organizations and institutions (banks, developers, real estate agencies, etc.).