7 Logo Trends that Will Be Huge in 2020

A new year brings the opportunity for a fresh start. As a small business owner, that could mean a new idea, product, website or logo. While there are many tools to help you create a logo, understanding what makes a good logo and creating one that’s fitting for today’s digital savvy world is quite something else. In order for your business to be perceived as professional and cutting-edge, it’s imperative that your emblem’s design remains current and relevant.

One way to ensure this is by taking some inspiration from the logo trends coming up this year. So, if you’re looking to create a new logo or feel it’s time to spruce up your existing one, get ready. Here are the seven logo trends to watch out for in 2019 – and how to apply them the right way.

1. Text boxes

To kick off the trends of 2020, we’re starting with the use of text boxes. If you look at any guide to the essential principles of logo design, readability is always high up on the list. The rise in text box use this year is a direct result of this long-standing principle. So what does the trend actually look like? First, picture the name of a business written in a straightforward font, and then imagine wrapping a rectangle around it. Since it’s so simple, it allows for versatility across all platforms. For example, it can be layered on top of a photo, video or colorful background on your site. You can change the colors, size and opacity. This trend is an effective way to emphasize a business name. This minimalistic logo trend is effective and clean – just the way we like it!

2. Circles

Social media has impacted our lives in more ways than we could ever have imagined. Simply think about how you shop, connect with friends or find a job in 2019 – chances are that Instagram, Facebook or LinkedIn will be some of the first names that come to mind. This year, more than ever before, these online platforms will influence logo design, as well. Many logos are now being created in a circular design to naturally fit the environment where they will be seen most: social media profile pictures.

3. Fine line logo

Minimalism seems to dominate the trends year after year, and the use of fine lines fits perfectly under that umbrella. Much like geometric shapes, fine line drawings are versatile and can easily be manipulated, making them a stand out choice for many brands. The beauty of this style is the ability of the most simple drawing to accurately convey your brand’s personality in just a few lines and simple nuances. Essentially, streamlining and presenting the very essence of your brand.r

4. Gradients

Back in 2016, Instagram really changed the game when they decided to rebrand their camera icon logo to include vibrant gradient colors. Since then, this continuous trend has not slowed down (much like Instagram’s popularity!). The whimsical style plays on blending an array of shades and tones of one color; starting with the darker tones and gradually fading out. So how is it that gradients have snagged a spot on yet another logo trends article? Because it’s intriguing. Since creative possibilities are endless, each design is unique and therefore captivating.

5. Handwritten fonts

Handwritten fonts is nothing new. But like a true classic, it never goes out of style. In our digital driven (read: addicted) lifestyles, handwritten fonts boast a sense of authenticity and real personality. Something typed letters are often restricted by. Especially as a small business where you’ve poured your heart and soul into make sure your logo follows suit by incorporating a touch of ‘you.’

6. Illustrations as letter substitutes in logotypes

Your logo should always evoke what your business does or stands for. One way to achieve this is by replacing one or two letters of your logo with an illustration that tells something about your brand or industry. Of course, your business name should still be able to be read and, more importantly, be recognized even with the ‘missing’ letters. This playful trend brings a certain cheer and cheekiness to your brand identity as a whole.

07. Hand imagery

In the same way that handwritten fonts gives off a ‘homemade touch,’ hand imagery takes this feeling one step (or hand?) further. When in use, they tend to give off a warm, inviting and reliable feeling. Whether they are holding, pointing or reach out – you can be assured, hands will be all over our logos this year.