5 Elements of Clean Web Design

With web design trends changing every few years or so, there seems to be a list of constant web practices for clean web design that will carry through regardless of how and when design trends change.

1. Layout/Placement

Prior to designing any web layout, planning a layout out regarding placement of elements on a page is crucial. This is usually done by creating a “wireframe” which is like a skeleton/sketch of the site showing positioning, etc. This will not only help you with planning the rest of your design, but also help your client as some designers choose to present a wireframe before the finished design to their client.

2. Logos & Colors

We really, truly believe that the design success of your site really starts with your logo and the quality it possesses. Brand identity starts with your logo, so it is only natural that having a professional logo designed will enhance the beauty and clarity of your website’s design. Both items go hand in hand in creating a successful branding image.

3. Images

Images play a huge role in web design. Whether they are used to accent the main page’s design, or are used as the main focus to draw in people’s interest, good images are key to a successful and modern looking site that effectively helps sell your product, service or message.

4. Fonts

Modern fonts play a huge role in good design. Even more important, choosing fonts that mesh well together and not exceeding using more than 3 fonts on your site. If you add any more, you risk losing the tightness when it comes to the theme, which can make the site not look as professional or put together.  Be sure to choose fonts that are web-safe and are available for commercial use.

5. Contrast, Contrast, Contrast

A good site can easily become a great site by just one simple ingredient, Contrast. Many times, you’ll see good layouts but they lack that “wow” factor which is created by properly usage of colors, brightness and contrast. Not every website is aiming for a bright image, but even when the site has a more subtle image/objective, give it the clarity and contrast it needs to become a great and long-lasting design.